The new Subaru Legacy in Dayton, OH

A pair of the fastest-growing automotive brands in America areĀ Jeep and Subaru, which probably speaks to a cultural embrace of four-wheel drive as much as the popularity of those two brands’ specific models. A growing quantity of folks regard all-wheel drive as a security check that enhances their sense of security just as that anti-lock brakes and stability control do–they might need it rarely but feel more comfortable knowing it’s there. Subaru’s biggest sales figures are made by the Forester crossover and the segment-creating Outback high-riding truck, but all-wheel drive is standard in all of its models (save the BRZ sports coupe), among them the more common , mid-size Legacy sedan we drove for this review. We mean “ordinary” in the nicest way, because the car’s absence of design excitement or fantasy-inspired overtones rests at the core of its appeal–it’s just an honest popular sedan that goes about its business without sham. This sixth-generation model appeared for 2015 and was notably more refined, more comfortable, and bigger than before, firmly in the center of the medium sized market. With this in mind, the new Legacy is an excellent choice, whether your crusing on a beach in Florida, or making your way through a snow storm.